Firewire Socket Replacement in Camcorder

Firewire Socket Replacement in Camcorder

Firewire Socket Replacement Procedure

Symptom for firewire socket replacement: The computer doesn’t recognise the camera when connected via firewire cable. Pins in the socket are bent or missing.
Caution: If the socket has been replaced, or the old one looks perfectly OK, the whole main circuit board is suspect and needs to be replaced.
If you can’t get hold of a new or 2nd hand socket it is a board replacement job anyway.

Firewire Socket Replacement

How does an electronic fire-wire problem occur?
Fire-wire is direct data transfer from your editing computer to the main computer of your camera. There are no couple components and in the most cases not even buffer IC’s. That means, if there are any spikes on the data line from your computer to the camera, the fire-wire connection on your camera will be destroyed. That what happens in the most cases, a faulty fire-wire card causes the camera fault in the first place!
Important Firewire socket replacement
Never use a different camera on a suspect computer. Rather connect the camera in question on a computer you know, the fire-wire connection works.
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