Camcorder CCD Sensor Replacement Procedure

Camcorder CCD Sensor Replacement Procedure

Camcorder CCD Sensor Replacement Procedure

Symptom for ccd sensor replacement: No Camera picture or fine vertical lines in camera mode, sound is normal. Playback is OK.
Caution: Watch correct optical filter placement during assembling
Alignment/adjustment checks: Focus tracking and zoom

Single Chip only, 3chip camcorder requires the whole optical block replaced, which consists of 3 CCD’s and prism.

ATTN: No camera picture or black screen can also be caused by a faulty iris inside the lens assy!
Check: unscrew the CCD, leave the ribbon cable connected and pull the CCD slightly away from the lens. If the monitor lights up with some sort of picture, the lens causes the problem, not the CCD!

Unscrew and disconnect the whole CCD circuit board. Put just this circuit board on your workbench to avoid any damage to the ribbon cable or other parts of the camera.
As the pins of the CCD are often soldered at the top and bottom of the circuit board, it can be a challenge to remove the CCD without damaging the circuit board.  My advice is to work with flux and/or special SMD removal solder. This solder stores the heat, the solder stays liquid and the whole CCD can be removed at once. Before placing the new CCD onto the circuit board, make sure all holes and connections are clean and no old solder is shorting any components.
Now place the new CCD the same way as the old one and resolder the pins. Fit the rubber spacer and the optical filter before placing the circuit board behind the lens assy. Now screw the CCD circuit board and you are done!
Often you must connect all cables, circuit boards and assemble the camera before you can switch it on and see if your repair was successful.
Check focus in wide angle and full telephoto position.
Usually there shouldn’t be any issues. However if there is an focus problem the camera may need to be adjusted with a computer, (alignment and adjustment procedures in the service manual).

Camcorder CCD Sensor Replacement

CCD on lens assembly

Camera ccd sensor replacement

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