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AV – Repairs and Electronics

Factory trained Technician for Canon camera repairs Panasonic camcorder service, Sony and many other brands.
We do Video8 and Hi8 camcorder repair, DSLR repair and sensor cleaning, AV repairs and studio & broadcast equipment service.

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Before sending in any equipment, you can  arrange a free online consultation by filling in the form below.
To save time and money and get a more accurate diagnosis, attach photos from any liquid, shock, or sand damage repairs.

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    Before sending your damaged equipment for camera and audio repairs print Free Estimate Form, fill it in and include it in the box.

    1. Describe your equipment and its issue(s)
    2. Provide your contact / shipping information
    3. Enclose the form with your equipment
    4. You’ll receive an email receipt with login details for your repair(s)
    5. Manage repair(s) online 24/7 – approve estimates, receive status updates and manage communications with office and technical staff

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    Industrial electronics

    Industrial electronics

    • Trouble shooting and repairs of electronic and mechanical equipment.
    • Component level SMD soldering.
    • Electronic calibration/adjustments.
    • Microprocessor control circuits.
    • Gym equipment repairs
    Electronic Toy Repairs

    Electronic Toy Repairs

    • Speaking and moving toys
    • Remote controlled toys
    • Toy trains and cars
    • Drones and planes
    Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

    • Security Cameras
    • Small Appliances
    • Entertainment Electronics
    • Car Radio
    • AV Equipment
    • Office Electronic
    • Drone Cameras