Pinch Roller Replacement Procedure

Symptom: Won’t accept tapes, error message. The pinch roller fell off the shaft and is missing or floating around in the tape mechanism.
Caution: The roller needs to be secured with a little plastic bit.

For this camcorder repair you just have to remove the cassette cover. There is no need to dismantle the camera.

Camera Repair - Pinch Roller Replacement

  • Open the cassette carriage, remove the tape and leave it in eject position.
  • Disconnect power/battery
  • Remove cassette door
  • Turn the camera around and shake it carefully to see if any parts fall out.
  • Slide the old or new pinch roller over the shaft.
  • Secure it with the little plastic bit as shown in image.
  • If the plastic bit is to loose, secure it with a little drop of nail polish.
  • Refit the door and test camera.
  • Done!

Pinch Roller Replacement

Pinch roller fitted in chassis

Camcorder Pinch Roller Replacement

Pinch roller and plastic piece

To avoid any damage and self induced faults, check out our Camera Care Video.
For more technical knowledge about camcorders I recommend THE Camcorder Handbook, or the Camcorder Technology Course

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