Camcorder Mode Switch Replacement Tips

Camcorder Mode Switch Replacement Tips

Symptom for mode switch replacement: Cassette compartment doesn’t close without cassette, sliding chassis goes down and automatically up again without cassette, error message.
Caution: Make sure there is no other obvious damage to the cassette carriage or sliding chassis. Use a variable low voltage power supply to drive the loading motor.

Camcorder Mode Switch Replacement Procedure

Note: Alignment/adjustment check: Mark the position of the rotor.

The whole tape mechanism removed.

  • The camera needs to be dismantled to remove the whole recorder mechanism. Disconnect all cables and flexible circuit boards from the mechanism to the circuit board before unscrewing and removing the tape drive.
  • Drive the sliding chassis into the eject position by using your power supply.
  • Remove components around the mode selector switch assembly.
  • Take photos along the way for later reference.
  • Mark the rotor position of the switch with a felt pen before replacement.
  • After fitting and reassembly of the chassis, use the power supply and drive the loading motor several times into eject and playback position. Make sure back tension arm and pressure roller engages properly when it suppose to.
  • Once the chassis mechanically loads and unloads properly, you can start assembling the camera by refitting all cables and flexible circuit boards from and to the chassis.
  • Assemble whole camcorder in reverse order.
  • Once the mode switch replacement is completed and the camera is assembled, check all functions in record and playback again.

Mode Switch Replacement

Mode switch placement in chassis

Camcorder Mode Switch Replacement

Camcorder tape drive mode switch

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