Camera Courses Online 

Whether you are a home-video maker, an amateur film maker, or an aspiring producer, you can benefit from ALL-CAM’s e-study camera courses online. Learn how your camera and equipment works and use it to get results. Complement your existing film knowledge by integrating the technical aspects of filming, and have the base knowledge you need to get the most out of every filming opportunity.


Camera courses online-Camcorder Technology

Know your Camcorder – from the inside out

  • Damage Prevention
  • Equipment Handling
  • Troubleshooting
  • Enhanced Communication with Professionals
  • Increased Confidence with Equipment
  • Awareness of Equipment Limitations
Camera maintenance

DIY Camera Care & Protection

Video and e-book

Save on repairs by learning how to keep your camera serviced & clean.

Television technology

3 in 1 Film and Television Technology Course

Includes Television Technology, Chroma Process & TV Production Audio Visual presentation, podcast and e-book

  • Explains TV Principles – waveforms and TV-monitors
  • Fundamentals of color reproduction
  • Camera adjustments and operation
  • On-site production setup
Camcorder shooting

Video like a PRO

Take your skills to the next level

Audio Visual Presentation, podcast and e-book by Thomas Klose

  • Setting Up Shots
  • Using Manual Controls
  • Perfect Lighting
  • Common Mistakes
  • Preparing your Camera
camcorder handbook

The Camcorder Handbook

Save money on repairs, increase confidence and great results!

  • Camera care
  • Damage prevention & maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Film making tips
  • Add spice to your video
  • Common mistakes
  • Hints for audio hints and lighting
  • Editing tips

Film & TV Technology

E-book and Podcast Film & Television Technology – 1st Edition Companion book to the 3 in 1 Film and Television Technology Course


Chroma Process (Module 2/3)

Adding the right color! How color is added, coded and transmitted from the camera to TV receiver. Audio Visual Presentation, podcast, and e-book by Thomas Klose (Module 2/3

Television production

Television Production (Module 3/3)

Going Pro – from a professional camcorder to a full production set up Audio Visual Presentation, podcast, and e-book by Thomas Klose