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Perfect Sound Recording with zoom
External Stereo Recording on a Budget Flexible and Independent! The Perfect Audio Recording with zoom, almost as good as a
Tapes to DVD Transfer
Tapes to DVD Transfer – fast and easy! Allcam/eStudy camera courses and film making tips and tricks. The technical aspects
LCD Screen Replacement explained The LCD display consist of a thin glass layer which is often directly exposed at the
Symptom for Lens Repair: Lens shutter doesn’t open and/or lens doesn’t extend or retract. In addition the display shows an
CCD sensor
Camcorder CCD Sensor Replacement Procedure Symptom for ccd sensor replacement: No Camera picture or fine vertical lines in camera mode,
Video Head Replacement
Video Head Replacement Symptom: No playback picture, grey or blue screen. Three to five wide horizontal lines across the whole
Video Head Replacement
Tape Drive Replacement Procedure Symptom for tape drive replacement: Physically damaged tape loading mechanism, doesn’t release tape or cassette compartment
Card Holder Replacement Procedure Symptom for Card Holder Replacement: Bent and/or broken pins inside the CF card compartment. Error message,
Camcorder fire-wire socket
Firewire Socket Replacement Procedure Symptom for firewire socket replacement: The computer doesn’t recognise the camera when connected via firewire cable.
Capstan Drive
DIY Capstan Drive Repair Symptom for capstan drive repair: Error message, the cassette leaves a tape loop during eject. The