Side Screen Hinge Replacement Procedure

Symptom for Side Screen Hinge Replacement: Side screen no picture or lines. The picture in eye is viewer OK.

Caution: Test all functions in record and playback to see if there is further damage to the camera, which would make a repair uneconomically.

Camera Repair - Side Screen Hinge Replacement

  • Dismantle the camera as far as you need to, to remove the whole side cover, which supports the Flip-out screen.
  • Disconnect the flexible circuit board, which leads to the hinge unit.
  • Unscrew and open the side screen itself.
  • Undo the flexible circuit board and screws which hold the side screen and remove it from the hinge.
  • Unscrew the hinge from the side case and replace it with the new one.
  • Connect both ends of the flexible circuit board and refit the side screen.
  • Complete to assemble the camera.
  • Test all functions – Done!

Side Screen Hinge Replacement

LCD Hinge Assembly

Side Screen Hinge Replacement

Side Case and Hinge

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