Camera Iris Repair

Symptom for Iris Repair : No Camera picture in camera mode, sound is normal. Playback is OK.
Alignment/adjustment checks: check exposure in different light conditions
ATTN: No camera picture or black screen can also be caused by a faulty CCD image chip!
Check: unscrew the CCD, leave the ribbon cable connected and pull the CCD slightly away from the lens. If the monitor lights up with some sort of picture, it is an iris problem!

Iris Repair / Replacement

  • Dismantle the camera and remove the lens assembly including CCD.
  • Locate the screw which holds the iris inside the lens and remove it.
  • Carefully pull or push the iris outside the lens.
  • Watch the flexible circuit board which connects all of the lens components.
  • If you need to solder (try to avoid it), watch the temperature. It should be below 400 degrees.
  • Spray the iris blades with contact cleaner, which doesn’t leave any residue.
  • Use a little screw driver to force the blades open and close several times, by moving the little lever on the iris motor.
  • Let it dry for a few minutes and check if the closes easily by itself. It is spring loaded closed without power (most of them).
  • Repeat this cleaning procedure several times if necessary.
  • Refit the iris into the lens and the lens into the camera.
  • Assemble the camera in reverse order.

Camcorder  Iris Repair

Camcorder lens with iris

To avoid any damage and self induced faults, check out our Camera Care Video.
For more technical knowledge about camcorders I recommend THE Camcorder Handbook, or the Camcorder Technology Course

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