DIY Lens Repair Procedure

Symptom - Lens shutter doesn’t open and/or lens doesn’t extend or retract. In addition the display shows an error message and the camera makes a beep noise.
Caution - This camera repair applies only to sand and dirt damaged cameras. Impact damaged cameras usually require a whole lens replacement, which is most likely an uneconomical repair.

In most cases it is sand grains and dirt inside the gearbox, which drives the lens segments in and out. In order to clean the lens and gearbox the whole lens assembly needs to be pulled out of the camera.
To drive the lens motor manually, we use a variable power supply at the motor terminals of the lens mechanism. Furthermore you need a brush to clean the camera before and while disassembling. You can use compressed air in hard to reach places.

Camera Repair/Part Replacement
In most cases you have to undo the screws and remove the back cover, the LCD screen and perhaps a circuit board or two. Once you have access to the screw which hold the lens inside the housing, undo them, disconnect all cables and flexible circuit boards and remove the whole lens assembly including CCD and gear box at the side. With just the lens assy in front of you, remove the screws and cover of the gear box. Take out any dirty gears and clean all the teeth with a brush or compressed air. Now assemble the gearbox and apply 3-5V from your variable power supply at the terminals of the motor. Once the lens extends and retracts smoothly, you can start assembling the camera in reverse order. If not you may want to repeat the cleaning procedure again. After the cleaning the lens should work fully in and out even with lower voltage without any stopping.

After you assembled the camera check it in all functions.
Good luck and great success.

 DIY Lens Repair

Dismantled gear box without cogs

To avoid any damage and self induced faults, check out our Camera Care Video.
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