Camcorder Disc Drive Replacement

Symptom: The camera won’t play or record any discs and comes up with an error message.
If the disc cover physically won’t release or close, there is most likely an issue with the disc release mechanism. This is not part of the disc drive!

Disc drives are none serviceable items and need to be replaced as a whole unit. The disc drive contains of laser and disc mechanism including spindle motor.

The camera needs to be dismantled to remove the whole recorder mechanism. Disconnect all cables and flexible circuit boards from the mechanism to the circuit board before unscrewing and removing the disc drive.
From here you just go ahead, replace the mechanism and assemble the camcorder. The disc drive is usually aligned in the factory as it comes complete with laser and motor.

Once the camera is aligned, test it with the different disc types it supposed to work with.

Disc Drive Replacement

DVD-Disc Drive (bottom view)

Camcorder Disc Drive Replacement

Camcorder DVD Drive (top view)

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